Who handles my pet’s travel plans?

Your Go Pet Go travel agent makes all the reservations and provides you with a detailed itinerary.

Will my pet need medication?

Most pets handle travel by car and plane with no problem, while others become anxious or even experience motion sickness. Talk to your vet about the use of medication, and feel free to discuss your options with us.

Will my pet get food and water during the trip?

Yes. When traveling by car, we stop every three hours to give your pet a break from the long and winding road. Your pet is fed according to his/her regular schedule. We plan air travel to minimize the journey for your pet. Our airline carriers are equipped with special water and feeding containers.

Are there any breed restrictions?

Go Pet Go has no biases when it comes to dogs and cats! However, due to concerns for their health, snub-nosed or pug-nosed dog and cat breeds cannot travel on many airlines because they are more susceptible to respiratory problems.

Some dog breeds will also require a reinforced crate, because their strong jaws could break through a lesser carrier.

Go Pet Go can help you learn the restrictions and make the necessary travel plans.

What happens when it’s not a non-stop flight?

Non-stop flights are ideal, but not always available. Our major concern is the comfort and safety of your pet so we coordinate travel that allows us to look after your pet. That might mean a longer layover so we can retrieve him/her and take a break.

How does my pet go through customs?

Your pet is escorted through Customs with his/her Go Pet Go travel companion. We know in advance what travel documents will be required to avoid any delays that could create anxiety for your pet.

What documentation and preparation do I need to transport my pet in the US and abroad?

Travel documents vary, depending on the destination country. Minimally, you will need proof that your dog is up-to-date with rabies vaccination (not required for cats). Some states have their own health certificate requirements. Go Pet Go handles all of the paperwork for you.

Do I need to provide a special crate for transportation?

If your pet is traveling by air, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) defines certain requirements. It must be large enough for your pet to be able to stand, turn around, and lie comfortably. Snub-nosed dogs are required to travel in a crate one size larger. The crate cannot have wheels, and must be made of fiberglass, metal, rigid plastic, weld metal mesh, or wood; however, not all airlines accept wooden crates.

Your pet’s crate must have ventilation on at least two sides; four sides may be required for international flights.

Water and food bowls must be attached to the inside front door of the crate. The dishes must also be able to be refilled from the outside, without opening the door.

For other requirements, talk to us at Go Pet Go. We also offer pet travel crate rental.

Will anyone accompany my pet on the trip?

Your pet will have a personal Go Pet Go escort. We do not send pets on a journey unattended. That’s the difference between “transporting” and “shipping” (which we don’t do).

How can I prepare my pet to best handle the trip?

For pets who are making a road trip, plan to spend some time a few weeks in advance, getting her used to riding in a car. Take short trips at first, around the block a few times. Then, extend your travel and place your animal in the pet crate. Keep the crate in your home, with the door open, and encourage your pet to use it. The goal is for her to feel safe in the crate. The trauma that comes with travel disruption is dramatically decreased when your furry friend is in a safe zone.

Schedule an appointment with your vet to talk about the travel plans. Your pet’s doctor can advise you if sedation might be a viable option.

The day before the trip, reduce the amount of food you give to your pet. Be sure to offer plenty of water. Give him a light meal about two hours before your pet will be placed in the carrier for the trip. Take him for a walk just before check-in.

How much advance notice do you require?

We need 15 days for domestic travel and 30 days for international travel, so that we can ensure all the documentation is completed


Because Safe transportation is the only route for your 4-legged family members!