Whether you’re taking a trip or making a move—across town or across the country—let Go Pet Go take care of safely transporting your pet in comfort.

As long-time pet professionals, we understand what it takes to successfully move your four-legged family member, and we know how to care for pets their entire journey. We treat each of our travel companions with the love, patience, attention, and compassion you expect and they deserve.

Our pampered pet process:


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  1. Obtain necessary pet immunizations documentation and schedule the veterinary exam for pre-flight health clearances.
  2. Confirm specific travel requests and service needs.
  3. Coordinate your pet’s travel plans and provide you with the itinerary.
  4. Order airline approved carrier(s) and travel kits
  5. Complete and/or obtain necessary paperwork and provide copies to you.
  6. Pick up and deliver your pet as scheduled at both origin and destination locations.
  7. Coordinate every leg of your pet’s journey, including making payments to the airline, ground transporters, animal handlers, and other services providers.
  8. Care for your pet during travel: providing food, water, potty breaks, attention, and any medication necessary.

Going global? Here’s what you need to know.

Overseas travel is enough of a challenge for people. When you’re taking your pet along, there are many details to handle. Go Pet Go takes care of the paperwork to ensure your pet isn’t delayed with red tape. Check out the USDA’s page on Animal Export before making your plans.

When you’re coming back, be sure to know about the restrictions, including inspections and possible quarantine. Find out what’s required for importing dogs and cats.

Serving in the military? Let US serve YOU!

You’ve received orders for a Permanent Change of Station (PCS). Focus on getting making the move for you and your family. Go Pet Go will get your pets there safely—whether you’re heading overseas or coming stateside.

Contact Go Pet Go to learn more about our safe services for pet travel.